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Moravian Mission News

Compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany

Number 2016-05

Here is the next edition of »Moravian Mission News« compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. - God bless our Moravian Church. "Our lamb has conquered, let us follow him!" - Andreas Tasche, Herrnhut, 13.05.2016, Phone: +49 35873 487-26, E-Mail: a.tasche(at) English websites here.

South Africa - Pentecost meditations from Bishops

The seven bishops of the worldwide Moravian Church who live in South Africa as well as Bishop Henning Schlimm from Germany have prepared short biblical meditations for the 5th until the 14th of May 2016, ten days before this year's Pentecost. They are available in English and in Afrikaans and were forwarded to the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. The meditations all come with a helpful short introduction and a simple prayer and cover texts from the Acts of the Apostles. Thank you very much! The meditations can be downloaded at the websites of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany - here. The bishops greet with their text the worldwide Moravian Church. They write: »Pray for your family! Pray for yourself! Pray for God's work here and everywhere on earth! Pray for our land! Pray for those countries where chaos prevails! Pray that God's Spirit will do the wonders for which our world searches and hungers!«.

Surinam – Passing of Bishop Theodorus Alexander Darnoud

On the 10th of April 2016 Bishop Theodorus Alexander Darnoud died in Paramaribo (Surinam) at the age of 95. He was born in Stolkertsijver and grew up in Commewijne. After his education and military service he started a training at the Theological Seminar in Paramaribo in 1951. When the seminar was relocated to Zeist in 1954, he and his wife moved to the Netherlands. He didn't only attend courses in Zeist and Utrecht, but also in Bad Boll. In 1956 he started his service for the Moravian Church in Surinam as a vicar in the South church of Paramaribo. Further stations of his service were churches in New Nickerie, Paramaribo and on the Dutch Antilles. In December 1994 he received the ordination to Bishop of the worldwide Moravian Church.

Ordination of Ebenezer Gangmei in Binnakadi

On the 12th of April 2016 Ebenezer Gangmei was ordained in Binnakadi at Indian state Assam a pastor of the Moravian Church. The ordination was performed by Bishop Joachim Kreusel (London) in the national language »Rongmei«. Thsespal Kundan from Dehli assisted. The  Moravian Church in Binnakandi developed by establishing a school as a branch of the »Moravian Institutes« in Rajpur, near Dehradun. In a report, it says: »We had time to share more about the ministry in Dehli and also in Binnakandi. We belive the bishop did get a little clearer about the community of people living in Assam and especially in the congregation. On Sunday the preaching was given by the newly ordained pastor«. Than was held a meeting with the Women Society. More here.

Germany – Charity run builds bridge to Tanzania

The charity run of »Evangelic Zinzendorf Gymnasium Herrnhut« was organized for the second time in 2016 as a donation project for education in the Moravian Church in Africa. Prior to the event the Moravian Mission Society in Germany informed the students (class 5 and 6) about the educational work of the Moravian Church in Ifakara and Sumbawanga. A second step consisted of the classes passing on these information to older school mates via distributed media. Subsequently all children were recruiting sponsors who promised to pay a certain amount of money for each completed lap. Finally on the 14th of April 2016 310 children and some teachers started the one hour run and covered 1861 kilometers altogether. The proceeds amounted to 8600 Euros.

Germany – Exhibition about today’s work of HMH

As part of the event day »Herrnhut opens its doors« a small foyer exhibition in the »Ethnological Museum Herrnhut« about the work of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany was opened on the 7th of May 2016 at 9 a.m. It is titled »Standing up for each other - support for people in Need« and can be visited until the 5th of June 2016. Many visitors of the museum don't know that missionary work of Herrnhut isn't a thing of the past but is still practiced in many places of the world. Photos, graphics, posters and several objects show how and where missionary work is happening today. The »Moravian Merchandise«, the fair trade of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany, is also pointed out as a modern form of missionary work.

Nepal – Three topics for intercession

Shanti and Vani Pradhan from Kathmandu (Nepal) ask for prayers for three things in their letter from March 2016. A) For arrangements with the new owner of the house, in which the Baneswore-Church in Kathmandu is holding their assemblies. The new owner is leasing the property from the old owner. B) For discussions about the purchase of a piece of land in Khokana on the outskirts of Kathmandu, where the Moravian Church has built a temporary church made up of four components after earthquakes in spring 2015. C) For approval of the proposal to extend the existing kindergarten in Kathmandu by a primary school. The responsible ministry keeps delaying the processing of the proposal, possibly because they expect a bribe.

Palestine – Easter 2016 was on the 1st of May

According to the Julian calendar, with which all church festivals in Palestine comply, Easter was celebrated by the »Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center« of the worldwide Moravian Church not until the 1st of May 2016. A ceremony in memory of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and his resurrection took place on the 28th of April 2016 with pastor Imad Haddad from Ramallah. Carrying many palm branches the festive procession with children, young people, staff members and some guests walked from the rehabilitation center to the top of the Star Mountain to a place of worship where a service was held. Afterwards everyone was looking for Easter eggs in the forest. »Surda Women's Association« from the Northern west bank had donated many little treats.

Palestine – Circus festival on the Star Mountain

Once again the »Palestinian Circus School« from Ramallah organized a day for the »Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center« of the worldwide Moravian Church in Palestine. On the 26th of April 2016 many children and young people with disabilities together with their parents followed an invitation to the establishment. A sporty indoor program preceded a varied outdoor program. At the end gifts and certificated were handed to the best young artists. All special pedagogues as well as the parents were amazed what a potential the circus people got out of their offspring. Of course there were also several circus performances by the professionals in front of the excited audience.

Albania – Seminar for people with leading positions

A Seminar for people with leading roles within the Lutheran Moravian Church of Albania has taken place for a sixths time from the 15th to the 17th of April 2016 in Tirana. It started with a celebration of communion. The further education units dealt with the topic »The Word of God brings community and leads to discipleship«. Håkan Sunnliden and Kerstin Berggren (Sweden) were speakers. A report from Albania says: »The attendees felt like the seminar reached them in their individual circumstances. They were edicated and went back home prepared, encouraged, newly motivated and blessed«. Following the seminar Håkan Sunnliden and Kerstin Berggren visited children in Bathore, a very poor district of Tirana.

Tanzania – Tireless battle against HIV/Aids

The Moravian Church in Tanzania Southwestern province is aiming high in their fight against HIV/Aids. They want to reach as many endangered, infected and diseased people as possible. In order to ensure efficiency two seminar programs have been developed: one for 60 multipliers which was presented in Mbeya, Momba, Mbozi and Chunya, and a second one which took place in »Jacaranda Youth Center« in Mbeya and particularly addresses people who work in home care in remote villages. Churches are needed there especially because support from the government or NGO's is sparse. Lack of knowledge and stigmatization concerning HIV/Aids as well as sexual assault are still widely spread. Two reports you can read here and here.

Tanzania – Church seminars in the Rukwa province

From the 24th to the 28th of February 2016 church seminars took place in two places in the Moravian Church in Tanzania, Rukwa province. They were helf by Matilda Ulinyeusya, manager of Sunday school in the province, Jacob Silungwe, manager of the youth work in the province, Thomas Kildeholm Jensen, missionary from Denmark, and Nina Madsen, a Danish volunteer. The first one was held in Matai, a village about one hour away from Sumbawanga. The second one took place further South, in Kisumba. In both places many adults, youths and children came together for two days to listen, sing, pray and play. With aid of a seven-point plan parents are meant to learn to sense their children's needs, to face them lovingly and to refrain from any kind of violence.

Tanzania – New movie is online: »Just like you«

Finally it is available online: The encouraging movie (37:45 min.) about the work of the HIV/Aids - support group »Lusubilo« (hope) in the South of Tanzania (Rungwe and other villages). The movie of the film maker Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe (Dar es Salaam) emerged in cooperation with the Tanzanian pastor Melania Mrema-Kyando and Claudia Zeising, ecumenical staff member of »Mission 21« in Basel. It depicts the daily life of male and female members of the support group during 2015. It also tells about their commitment to educate the population concerning HIV/Aids as well as help for affected people. The movie can be watched in three different languages on the website of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. German - here, English - here and Kiswahili - here. Information on Facebook here.

Woldwide – complete bible now in 563 languages

The complete bible is now available in 563 languages. This way about 5,1 Billion people have access to all texts from the Old and New Testament in their mother tongue. According to the »United Bible Societies« (UBS) the New Testament is translated to 1334 more languages and at least single parts can be found in 1038 other languages. Hence in 2935 languages there is at least one book of the bible available. Linguist assume that there are about 6900 living languages worldwide. At the moment bible societies work on 400 translation projects. The »Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany« supports the work of UBS since many decades with resources from national and free churches, most recently in 2015 with 695.000 Euros. 

Several short news

Marianne van de Glind (Netherlands) is passed away on 26th of April 2016, following a long illness at the age of 61 years. She was a special education teacher and has worked in the management team of the »Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center« of the Moravian Church from 2010 to 2013. + + + Graham R. Kerslake was recently elected new president of the »Moravian Church Foundation«. So far the Canadian had been working in this committee as representative of the American Unity region. His predecessor Johan Stam from the Netherlands had to leave the position due to job-related reasons. + + + A detailed report about the 4th »Unity Women's Consultation« in February 2016 in Paramaribo (Surinam) can be accessed here. + + + The North American »Board of World Mission« has recently published its annual report 2015 under the title »Investing in Mission«. Download here. + + + From the 16th to 18th of April 2016 a 30-person tour group from Latvia has visited Herrnhut. Among them were members of the Moravian Churches in Latvia, but also several celebrities who are aware of the meaning of the Moravian Church for the emergence of the Latvian nation and who wanted to visit historical sites in Herrnhut and Czech Republic because of this.

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