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Moravian Mission News

Compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany

Number 2016-02

Here is the next edition of »Moravian Mission News« compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. - God bless our Moravian Church. "Our lamb has conquered, let us follow him!" - Andreas Tasche, Herrnhut, 26.02.2016, Phone: +49 35873 487-26, E-Mail: a.tasche(at) English websites here.

Unity Offering 2016 – Church community centre for Tortola

This years’ Unity Offering which will be collected in all approximately 1,650 Moravian Churches worldwide on the Sunday before or after the 1st of March is meant for construction of a new church for the Moravian Church in Tortola (British Virgin Islands, Eastern West Indies Province). The local work there began in 1993 and lead to purchasing of own land in 2007. Already by the end of 2012 the ground floor of the community centre which contains the big assembly hall could be inaugurated on this piece of land that is located on a steep hillside. Now the church that currently counts 35 members plus friends would like to finish the building and add the missing rooms. More here. Prayer topics for the Unity Prayer Day on the 1st of March 2016 here and here.

Suriname - Unity Women's Consultation has ended

The Fourth "Unity Women's Consultation" ended on 25th of February 2016 in Paramaribo Suriname. The first three consultations took place 1995 in Kernersville/NC (USA), 2001 in Port Elizabeth (SA) and 2008 in Herrnhut (G). The theme was: "Am I My Sister’s Keeper?" The program consisted of spiritual and social services, many training sessions, presentations and discussions. The sisters worked on six sub-themes. Especially moving was thinking about "violence against women". Most important were the debates on "education" and "encouragement for women and sisters." On Sunday, 21st of February 2016, the participants became familiar with the seven regions of the Suriname province. They worshiped, visited schools, boarding schools and churches. Pictures here.

Tanzania – Political spring in the country

The new president, John Pombe Magafuli, meets a lot of applause in Tanzania by implementing reformations that he promised in his election campaign fast and relentlessly. The new cabinet with its 18 ministries is the smallest one since 20 years. The delegation to a Commonwealth Conference in Malta was reduced from 50 to four members. Three instead of 20 delegates visited the Climate Conference in Paris. Nationwide cleaning work replaced expensive celebrations on occasion of Independence Day. Several hundred houses, some of them standing illegally for the last decades, were demolished in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. A new verb was invented: “Magulify” for “doing something promptly and effectively” or for “wake up civil servants out of their office sleep”.

Palestine – Central Moravian Church on Star Mountain

A group of 30 visitors from “Central Moravian Church” in Bethlehem/PA under leadership of Bishop Hopeton Clennon stayed at the "Star Mountain Rehabilitation Centre" (Palestine, near Ramallah) on 9th of January 2016 as part of their travels through Israel and Palestine. The brothers and sisters from the USA knew the Star Mountain from hearsay but they could learn several new things through explanations of Ghada Naser (General Director) and Farah Odeh (Administration Manager) from the Star Mountain management team. They watched a documentary about the work of the rehabilitation centre in English, they did a walking tour through the big and partially wooded campus and they collected donations for the exemplary work that is being done there.

South Africa – Grandmother and grandchildren

In the Moravian Church in South Africa there are special families. One example is the family of Eunice Metuse (76). Six of her seven children died of the consequences of Aids. The only living son works far away. In the summer of 2015 the last daughter died; Eunice didn’t even have enough money for a coffin. Electricity in her house was turned off because she didn’t pay her bills. But thanks to the Masangana-Project of the Moravian Church Eunice can face the future full of hope. She took in six of the parentless children without knowing about the state alimony she would receive for herself and the grandchildren. Only when Mandisa Gxolo, an employee of “Masangane”, walked into Eunice’s life, the life of the whole family improved.

South Africa - Music and more

A successful missionary of a very special type is Tyrone Hitzeroth from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. He, himself a gifted musician, gathers children and young people from socially disadvantaged families or from poor areas and teaches them to play the trumpet or other instruments. In this way, he gives the everyday of the minors a structure and incorporates them into the churches. What began as a private initiative, is now done on behalf of and with the help of the Moravian Church in South Africa and of the "Zeister Zendingsgenootschap" in the Netherlands. In the remote villages in the Eastern Cape and around Johannesburg already eight Brass bands have emerged now. Tyrone Hitzeroth says: "The project is not really about music, but about things that you learn when you make music". Some photos here. A short video here.

Albania – A very happy day in Elbasan

The 17th of  January 2016 was a very happy day for the Moravian Church Elbasan, located in central Albania. The assembled members were able to take their new community centre into operation after it had been extensively modernised, not least by means of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. Elona Mandro, assistant of the management board, sent photos from the finished and newly furnished rooms - see here. She thanks every donor from Albania and from abroad. Several church and group assemblies take pace in the new rooms – mainly on weekends. Monday to Friday Irena Xhaferi, a psychologist, and Majlinda Muca, a social worker, work there part time.

Eastern West Indies – New hymn book

After a lot of spadework a new, joint hymn book will be published soon for the approximately 16,000 members of the Moravian Church in 51 churches of the Eastern West Indies Province. Preparations were difficult due to geographical, ethnic-cultural and spiritual-liturgical diversity. However, a common treasury of songs was considered important in order to stay connected as a province and not only maintain own hymnological traditions and preferences. Over the last three years many of the new songs have been published in the newsletter of the province to allow practicing. Also information on origin and way of singing of these songs were given in advance. God bless the use of the new hymn book.

Honduras – Ahuas Clinic treats malnourished children

The “Clinica Evangélica Morava” in Ahuas in the structurally weak East of Honduras (La Mosquitia) has started a new program for malnourished children. The program is scheduled for six months and initially includes 40 to 45 children under the age of five from the communes Ahuas, Paptalaya and Krupunta. About half of the expenses are covered by the "Unity Women’s Desk". The clinic management assumes that there are at least twice as many malnourished children in the local area. That’s why an extension of the program is intended, given that required funds can be raised. The “Baby Sets” for mothers to be, that were packed in the USA in the end of 2015, were well received in Honduras and are an important aid.

Alaska, Guyana and Nicaragua – Synods are over

From 25th until 29th of January 2016 a provincial synod took place in the Alaska Province. 65 attendees met in the new premises of the Bible College in Bethel/AK. They took reports, filled posts through elections and agreed to focus on youth and missionary work in particular in the future. + + From 30th of November until 2th of December 2015 the synod met in Georgetown in Guyana. The attendees elected Noël Adonis as new chairman. + + More than 400 delegates participated in the synod of the Nicaragua Province from 24th until 31st of January 2016 in Sisin. They addressed the problem of the Indigene’s loss of land, the scarce ressources for educational work within the church, the changes of the church constitution and the election of Joseph Riveras as new chairman. In Nicaragua two women were elected to a church office, in Guyana it was even three.

Denmark – Recepi for success „Genbrug“

The “Brødremenighedens Danske Mission” (BDM) in Christiansfeld, the Danish sister organization of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany, generates a considerable part of their revenues through “Genbrug”, the trade with second-hand articles of all kind which is very popular in Denmark. After collection, storage, cleaning and maintenance not only homewares, electrical equipment, clothes and trinkets are being sold in several BDM-stores with many volunteers, but also furniture and art. This way in 2015 they made a profit of 1.4 Milliard Danish kroner (187,600 Euros), which was spent for missionary work. A detailed report on “Genbrug” can be found in the newest edition of the BDM-Magazine - see here.

Germany – Welcome celebration for 300 refugees

On 22nd of January 2015 the hall of the Moravian Church Berlin burst at the seams. 300 refugees followed the invitation to a welcome celebration and came from their homes and accommodations. But also people from the district Neukölln, societies and associations as well as representatives of other churches came together in order to talk to each other in English, Arabic and Farsi, to celebrate and to enjoy. A dancing group from Damascus and a Samba group provided a spirited atmosphere. Some Syrians were dancing on the gallery and the youth group of the Moravian Church joined them. Food was provided by an Arabic catering and “food4action”, a kitchen crew that is usually cooking at demonstrations. Highlight of the night was the performance of singer Janet Williams together with students and a refugee choir.

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