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Moravian Mission News

Compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany

Number 2015-06

Here is the next edition of »Moravian Mission News« compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. - God bless our Moravian Church. "Our lamb has conquered, let us follow him!" - Andreas Tasche, Herrnhut, 16.06.2015, Phone: +49 35873 487-26, E-Mail: a.tasche(at) English websites here.

Unitas Fratrum: map of the worldwide Moravian Church 2015

Finally a new map is available that depicts the structure of the worldwide Moravian Church as of the 1st of January 2015, the day when the Moravian Church in Tanzania, Eastern Province, got awarded rights and duties of a 23. Unity Province. Five Mission Provinces, 15 Mission Areas and two Unity Undertakings already belonged to Unitas Fratrum. The map is based on the overview »The worldwide Moravian Church 2015« which contains further statistical data. The new map - see here (2 MB) -  is open for usage, online or printed. Please always add this copyright information: CC-BY-SA 2.0 - Datenbasis: © Natural Earth - Kartengestaltung: © Dipl. Geogr. Michael Schulze, Herrnhut, 2015. Currently, there is the Moravian Church in 50 countries - list here.

Remembrance of 150 years "Juneteenth"

The 19th of June 1865 is a special day in the history of mankind. On this day the last slaves in Texas (USA) were freed - and this year it is its 150th anniversary. The day is called "Juneteenth" and is a popular official or unofficial holiday in the USA with many events: Native American activities like Baseball games, Rodeos and Barbecues, but also text readings and singings about Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as well as honourings of people who rendered outstanding services to society. The "St. Philips African Moravian Church" in Old-Salem is where the slaves once received their freedom. A talk given by historian Dr. Reginald F. Hildebrand, Professor of African American Studies and History at the University of North Carolina, took place in this church as part of the anniversary.

USA – Germany: the "Delaware-Project"

Who would have thought that the Delawares, named after a governor in Virginia, call themselves "Lenape" (true people)? Who would have thought that the island Manhattan with the worldwide highest real estate prices once was owned by this tribe? Who would have thought that "The last of the Mohicans" belonged to the Lenape? Missionaries from Herrnhut took care of the Lenape in the 18th Century and gathered them in settlements during times of war. Together with David Zeisberger the survivors of a massacre came to Canada and founded Fairfield in 1792, which was burnt by American troops in 1813. The station was rebuilt as "Moraviantown" and the Native American reserve is still called like this. Lenape are coming to Germany to search for traces of their history. More here.

Honduras and Peru: Moravian Radio and private church rooms

The Moravian Church in Honduras is about to provide a Christian radio station for many people in the country. The radio mast has already been erected, technical equipment is bought and required people are currently being trained. The station "Quito" in Ecuador helps with establishing this new broadcasting centre. + + + Three out of four house churches in Peru, a Mission Area of the worldwide Moravian Church that is especially accompanied by the Moravian Church in America, Southern province, were able to rent their own assembly rooms at reasonable price. In Lima there is enough room to provide a children’s church service simultaneously. The churches in Peru are rapidly growing. The cost of renting one worship space for one month ranges between $ 200-400, all together, $ 1,000.

Nepal: monsoon destroyed church in a tent

A new message arrived from Shanti and Vani Pradhan concerning the Moravian Church in Kathmandu after new earthquakes in Nepal. The couple tells of life in rice fields which are still home to many people because they are not allowed in their houses due to the danger of collapsing. They talk about two church services they had under tents that were tore away by the beginning monsoon. And they also mention plans to build a temporary church for 200 people after drawings of a friend and architect. The church members in Nepal are thankful for prayers, donations and offertories from people all over the world. They need them desperately and wish for further intercession. Six letters on the situation in Nepal can be found here.

Tanzania: call for help from Mbeya after heavy rainfall

In the areas around Chunya, Mbeya, Mbozi and Momba as well as in other places in Tanzania, it heavily rained over the last few weeks. Thousands of people are affected: streets and houses were washed away just like harvests. Markets, schools and other institutions are closed. People died, were injured and went missing. Quite a few people suffer starvation. Some regions were currently not accessible due to broken bridges. The Moravian Church in Tanzanian, Southern-West Province, bewails the loss of twelve buildings, among them churches. After a call for help from the leadership of the province the Moravian Mission Society in Germany transferred 5.000 Euros from an emergency fund to support the purchase of food, blankets, clothes and building material for people in need.

Tanzania: HIV/Aids-Campaign in Mbeya-Uyole

Agrippa S. Senka, project manager of the Moravian Church in Tanzania, Southern-West Province, illustrates with a photo series (see here) his report on the first public HIV/Aids-campaign implemented by the Moravian Church in Uyole, an urban district of Mbeya. The campaign was managed by Isabela Kaonga, leader of the Aids-work in the province, and was realized in cooperation with a local public authority. A church choir took part in the campaign. The people in charge are pleased with the outcome of the campaign: 213 people were tested: 71 women and 142 men. Eleven people (five women and six men) were tested positive. Afterwards the tested people received medical and pastoral consultation from experts.

Alaska: fire destroys church in Atmautluak

A fire completely destroyed the small wooden Moravian Church in Atmautluak, Alaska, on Sunday the 17th of May early in the morning, approximately at 3 o’clock. An annexe went up in flames too. The alarmed fire brigade only was able to secure the scene. Fortunately no one was harmed. According to preliminary investigations the fire was started maliciously or due to carelessness by young people. One night earlier another fire happened in the same neighbourhood in the building of the indigenes-agency. It could be extinguished quickly. Atmautluak is situated very remote in the Kuskokwim-delta, one of the biggest river-delta systems in the world. A short report you can read here.

Star Mountain: the kitchen is now equipped professionally

The kitchen (cafeteria) in the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Centre now has new facilities that meet most modern requirements and that can be used for internal and external supply of food and drinks. It was provided as a gift from a Czech Development Agency. An announcement reads that the Rehabilitation Centre now can not only cater for children, young people and staff on-site, but also provide an entire catering-service ranging from fine breakfast, to small snacks, a multi-course lunch menu and a complete evening banquet. The Star Mountain kitchen specialises in innovative, seasonal, Palestinian food. The center writes on facebook: »The cafeteria helps make your next meeting or event truly memorable«.

Northern India: news from the "Moravian Insitute"

The "Moravian Institute", an estimated boarding school of the worldwide Moravian Church in Rajpur (near Dehradun; Northern India), says on their website in combination with an impressive photomontage: "Pray for Nepal!" + + + The school proudly announces that all students have passed their exams (ICSE-10 and ISC-12) with a good or very good. Head of school Thsespal Z. Kundan congratulates all teachers, students and teachers. The local press reported about the successful exams. + + + In the time between the 12th and 19th of July 2015 the "Richard Gengmei Memorial Football Tournament" will take place at the school once again. Regional football teams are invited to Rajpur.

Honduras: special togetherness in Ahuas

A special event took place in Honduras some weeks ago. There are two Moravian Churches in Honduras: a rather charismatic Unity province and a rather traditional Mission province. Andrew Fields, head of the Bible school in Puerto Lempira (charismatic) taught at the affiliated Bible school in Ahuas (traditional). He enjoyed the exchange with his headmaster colleague and the good togetherness with the students in the classroom and in the free time during a "great week". A Moravian love feast with coke and baked goods was mentioned too. One of the highlights during the week was the encounter with the students’ wives who demonstrated their craft skills in a presentation (photo).

Burundi: J. Bøytler calls for prayer of intercession for Burundi

Unity business administrator Jørgen Bøytler (Denmark) called for prayer for Burundi. In Burundi there is a Mission province of the Moravian Church whose setup is especially supported by the Moravian Church in Tanzania, Western province. Because of riots at least 150.000 people recently left the country, among them 300 members of the Moravian Church. According to Ezekiel Yona, president of the Western province, many Burundi found accommodation in a refugee camp near Kigoma in Tanzania, others in the D. R. Kongo and in Ruanda. Jørgen Bøytler writes: "Pray for peace in Burundi. Pray for the people there. Pray for the members of the Moravian Church in Ruanda. External help is needed".

Nicaragua: exams at "Collegio Moravo" in Bluefields

At "Collegio Moravo", a well known secondary school of the Moravian Church in Bluefields, recently final exams and leaving celebrations took place. Bluefields is situated by the Atlantic Ocean in the deep south of Nicaragua. All 121 successful alumni came together for the handover of graduation certificates in a festive hall. A church service for teachers, students and parents followed. Finally they were all invited to prom. The students collected signatures of all their schoolmates on their t-shirts. The "Collegio Moravo" of the Moravian Church was the first institution at the Costa Atlantica in Nicaragua that offered higher education for the various indigenous people living there.

Germany: Brass band festival 2015 with well-travelled guests

On the 26th of May 2015 the 36th Brass band festival of the Moravian Church in Europe, which took place in Herrnhut, came to an end. Approximately 230 people had spent cheerful and festive three and a half days together. Musicians who belong to the Inuit from Nain in Labrador (Canada) had the furthest journey. Wind instrument traditions from Herrnhut have only recently started there to liven up again. The next edition of the German magazine "weltweit verbunden" will cover this topic. A long journey also had a wind instrument group from the "Christian-David-School" near Madona in Latvia. The remaining attendees, among them many young people, came from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark. All of them visited the Moravian Church in Czech Republic.

Unity Women’s Desk: Newsflash

Women from the "Kernersville Moravian Church" and "New Philadelphia Moravian Church" in the Moravian Church in America, Southern province, have founded a sewing group. They will meet every Tuesday to sew clothes for the members of the Moravian Church in Nepal who are affected by the earthquake. + + + The Unity Women’s Desk has redesigned their Internet presence - see here. A special menu item leads to information on the Unity Women’s Consultation which will take place in Paramaribo (Surinam) from the 18th to 25th of February 2016. + + + Several regional gatherings for women of the Moravian Church are scheduled for June 2015: They will take place in Northern Ireland for Europe (4th to 8th), in Honduras (18th to 21st) and in Concord/NC for the USA (25th to 28th).

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