Here you get some basic information about the "Moravian Mission Society in Germany" and some mission news in English.

On the website of UNITAS fratrum you can find many information on the world wide Moravian Church as well as many contact data. Click here.

Church Order of the Unitas Fratrum

The complete text of the »Church Order of the Unitas Fratrum - Moravian Church« you can find here: 180 pages, corporating resolutions from previous Unity Synods, published by order of the Unity Synod held at Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England, 28th July - 7th August 2009.

Worldwide Moravian Church

Here you can download a map with the provinces and mission provinces of the worldwide Moravian Church (2 MB). A recent statistic can be found here (1. Jan. 2016). Worldwide Unity Intro here. A map with a lot of information here.

Mission history, Mission theology

The Moravian Church and the Moravian Mission have a long and exciting history. The Moravian Mission is the oldest protestant mission, which was started and supported by a congregation or a church. A lecture can be found here. Please read about the beginnings of the Moravian Mission (here and here) and its spread over the whole world (here and here). See a film (»First Fruits«, 60 min.) about the beginnings of the Moravian Mission in Herrnhut and on St. Thomas here. A profound essay on the theology and practice of the Moravian Mission from Robert L. Gallagher »Zinzendorf and the Early Moravian Mission Movement« you can read here. A sermon on the »Great Commission« in Matthew 28,18-20 here (in German). 

UNITAS FRATRUM - size comparison

There are countries with many members of the Moravian Church and there are countries with few members of the Moravian Church - see here. The Moravian Church exists currently in 50 countries or territories (January 2015) - list here.

Unity in diversity

The Unity Business Administrator Dr. Jørgen Bøytler (DK) has given a lecture in 2014 at the »Moravian Theological Seminary« in Bethlehem/Pennsylvania: »Unity in Diversity: Challenges to the Worldwide Moravian Unity« - read here.

»Living Branches« - A new resource for teaching Moravian heritage

The Moravian Church in America has a new resource for teaching our Moravian heritage! This curriculum, called Living Branches: Moravians Growing in Faith, Love & Hope, is a flexible, 13-week Sunday School program focused on sharing the story of our Moravian heritage from Jan Hus to the present day. It includes lower elementary, upper elementary, youth and adult components. More about Living Branches here. Download PDF: Lower Elementary (15 MB), Upper Elementary (31 MB), Middel/High School (24 MB), Adults (3 MB).

Movies on different projects

Movies on different Projects of the Moravian Mission in many countries - some of them in English - cou can see here. Most of the Movies are short. See the Moravian Church in Tanzania, South Africa, Palestine, Latvia, Albania, Nicaragua, Surinam and India.

Especially for women

Website »Unity Women's Desk« here.
Craig Atwood, »Listening to the Sisters: Five Centuries of Leadership in the Moravian Church«, 2015, Manuscript here, Power-Point-Presentation here (23 MB).
Mary Kategile, »The Ordination of Women in the Moravian Church in Tanzania«, 2008, here.
Erdmuth Dorothea von Zinzendorf (1700-1756) here.
Zinzendorf and Anna Nitschmann (1715-1760) here.
Woman Priests in the Moravian Church in 1758 here.

Other Moravian Mission Societies

Board of World Mission, North America  -  Website here, Report 2017 here
British Mission Board, Great Britain  -  Website here
Unity Women's Desk, North America  -  Website here
Brødremenighedens Danske Mission - Website here