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Moravian Mission News

Compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany

Number 2015-03

Here is the next edition of »Moravian Mission News« compiled by the Moravian Mission Society in Germany. - God bless our Moravian Church. "Our lamb has conquered, let us follow him!" - Andreas Tasche, Herrnhut, 12.03.2015, Phone: +49 35873 487-26, E-Mail: a.tasche(at)

Emergency help requested for Malawi

Jonah Sinyangwe, project manager in Malawi, reports that one third of the land was under water after storms and heavy rains in February 2015. During three days one year’s precipitation poured down over Malawi. Vast areas were under water. 200 people lost their lives. Fields and houses of 225.000 people are destroyed and the infrastructur is demolished. The country will be busy repairing the damage for a long time. The UN evaluate the catastrophe as the worst on within the last two years – and the world does hardly notice. The Moravian Church in Malawi is affected but wants to help others who are affected too. The Moravian Mission Society in Germany remitted 5.000 Euros so far. »The Guardian« reported here.

Moravian Church in Malawi began to work among refugees

Although very poor themselves, the Moravian Church in Malawi a few months ago began to work among refugees in the big »Dzaleka Refugee Camp«. This camp was founded in 1994 by the Unites Nations and accommodates 17,000 refugees from Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, D.R. Congo, Ruanda, Somalia and Zambia. Some people spend just a few month here, but others many years, especially women and children. Many want to emigrate to South Africa, in the European Union or the USA. Jonah Sinyangwe, the project manager of the province, writes: The churches ministry began with a team of five members, that assessed the special needs. By now regular worship services take place in a small Moravian chapel. A support Committee cares compassionately for orphans, widows and HIV/Aids patients. Report in the »Nyasa Times« here.

Once again flooding in Albania

After heavy rains widespread flooding affected Albania again. No one has died, but agriculture and infrastructure are severely damaged. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated. This time especially South and East of the country are affected. The Moravian Church complains of electricity blackouts for days and water in the yard of their centre in Bathore. They managed to protect their centre in Burrel with sandbags. In Pogradec the water has advanced up to the edge of the campsite of the Moravian Church; the functional building on the site is currently safe. The Moravian Church in Albania has established a work group on the 6th of February 2015 to help people who face hardship. Some Pictures here. The Moravian Mission Society in Germany remitted 3.000 Euros so far.

Return visit of the Zinzendorf Gymnasium in Palestine

Between the 8th and 11th of February 2015 several teachers and students from the »Zinzendorf Gymnasium Herrnhut« visited the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Centre (Palestine). Both institutions are associated in a special way and wanted to get to know each other a bit better. Ghada Naser and Farah Odeh, head and administrator of the Center respectively, had talked about the work in the rehabilitation centre at »Zinzendorf Gymnasium« in May 2014 and thereby contributed to the diaconal profiling of the school. Now it was time for a return visit. It was organised by Raimund Hertzsch, former school pastor and now president of the Moravian Mission Society in Germany (Bad Boll).

Handicapped children from the villages on tour

More than half of the disabled children and young people who receive ambulant support from the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Centre (Palestine) belong to the Community Work Program. On the 7th of February 2015 the carers in this program undertook a day trip to culturally interesting places with some of the children and youths. Among other things they visited the ruins of a former pompous Hisham-palace (built around 740 a.d.; North of Jericho), a big date factory farm and the company “Fish Pond” in Jericho. Two days afterwards the workers in the program painted the up to then bare walls in the schools in Burham and Jeebia with happy Pictures - see the photo. The carers do always lobbying for handicapped children and adults in Palestine.

Tanzanian Eastern province now independent unity province

Since the 1st of January 2015 the Eastern province of the Moravian Church in Tanzania has got entire rights and duties of a unity province. Recently it had been a fast growing Mission province for which the Tanzanian South province carried particular responsibility. The headquarters of the church leadership are located in Dar es Salaam where 25 Moravian Churches are situated. A celebration of independence is planned for the 3rd of May 2015. Now the Moravian Church worldwide unity consist of 23 unity provinces (seven of these in Tanzania), five missionary provinces, two Unity undertakings, 14 missionary territories and two future missionary territories. The unity convocation in Jamaica will discuss and decide about further structural changes from the 12th to 19th of August 2016. A recent statistics, there are here.

Tanzania: handover of the book to the authors

It was a deeply moving moment when the members of an HIV/Aids - self-support group from the Moravian Church in Ilolo (Tanzania) received a copy of the book that they had co-written and that tells their story. The book is titled »The joy of being alive« and contains encouraging photographic and written portraits of people with HIV/Aids in Tanzania. It is trilingual all the way through (English, German, Swahili) and was published by Claudia Zeising who is currently doing a second long-term service in Tanzania, South and South-west province. For many of them this is the first book they possess. The publication of their stories encourages people to further support education and help concerning HIV/Aids. You can order the book in Herrnhut (20 Euros plus postage): a.tasche(at)

Sierra Leone: On the way to normality

After the Ebola-epidemic in Sierra Leone seems to have exceeded its peak the small Moravian Church is seeking for a way back to normality. The North American "Moravian Magazine" (see here) reports on how hard this is in its edition from February 2015. Schools and offices were closed. All traffic was controlled strictly. Economy and trade were demolished. Although people in the surrounding area had been infected with Ebola, Luawa Yiehun, the centre of the Moravian Church in Sierra Leone, was spared from the epidemic. The Moravian Church in North America supported the people through information about self-protection and how to prevent spreading, i.e. with telephone conferences. Photo: new Moravian secondary School in Sierra Leone.

Injustice happened 49 years ago

The »District Six«, a diverse borough in Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain where once many members of the Moravian Church lived, doesn't exist anymore. Where formerly the life was pulsating and small homes, shops and enterprises were is now grass proliferating. A decree from the Apartheid-Regime, proclaimed on the 11th of February 1966, had declared the "District Six" a housing area for white people without realising those plans later on. As a consequence of the decree the coloured inhabitants of "District Six" were driven out by force. The Newspaper "Mail & Guardian" reminds of what happened with the article »Our world ended with a letter« - see here. The only building that miraculously braved the racist terror is a little church of the Moravian Church.

Festive inauguration of new church in Sisin

On the 22nd of February 2015 the big Moravian Church in Sisin (East Nicaragua) was inaugurated solemnly after several years of construction time. The church had been destroyed completely by the hurricane »Felix« in the night of the 4th to the 4th of September 2007. Back then it was a quite new building. The reconstruction was possible due to personal contribution of church members as well as financial resources from the Moravian Mission Society in Germany and the »Daily Watchword donation« (almost 45.000 Euros). For the last three years the church was used already provisionally. Niels Gaertner represented the European-Continental province and the Moravian Mission Society in Germany and gave a speech at the celebration. Later he had discussions with the church board and individuals.

Three Moravians in the new Government

The »Moravian Church, Eastern West Indies Province« offers its congratulations to the new Government of St. Kitts and Nevis. We especially offer best wishes to three of the Ministers of Government who are members of the Moravian Church in St. Kitts. They are: a) The Prime Minister- Hon Dr. Timothy Harris, b) Hon. Eugene Hamilton, Minister of Agriculture, Health, National Health Insurance, Human Settlement, Community Development, Gender Affairs, Social Services, Cooperatives and Land, and c) Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd, Minister with responsibility for Public Infrastructure, Posts, Urban Development and Transport. Cortroy Jarvis, provincial chairman, writes: »Let us remember them in our prayers as they embark on this new journey. May God be their guide at all times as they seek to do the work that he has called them to do.«

Help for young people in St. Thomas and St. Croix at risk

On the Virgin Islands St. Thomas and St. Croix an aid scheme is run that is meant to prevent young people from becoming delinquent and sooner or later ending up in prison. The Moravian Church in the Eastern West Indies Province is contributing to this program alongside several state- and non-state-run organisations. Young people are encouraged to live a structured and meaningful life and ideally start a vocational training. The program is designed for about 400 young people between 16 and 24. Volunteers as well as professionals are involved. The leader says: »We neither give up hope nor the young people. We are all God's children, a family. Our faith guides us.« Read more here.

»Moravian Institute« – Review of the golden jubilation feast

The people who came together in Rajpur (North India) from the 10th to 12th of February 2015 for the 50th anniversary of the »Moravian Institute« can't possibly all fit in one photo. Over and over they commemorated old times and took photos; former and current students entered into dialogues with each other; repeatedly they gave thanks to the teachers - and the heavenly father. Samuel Rakesh writes: »The jubilation feast is over now. So many happy memories are linked to it! I met people I haven't seen in 30 years.« Chonzom Tserin said: »What a wonderful feast. I am sad that it is over. So many people were there! We laughed and chattered so much!« The »Moravian Institute« is a big and very popular boarding School of the worldwide Moravian Church.

Two new initiatives in Alasca

Two new initiatives have been started during the four-day synod in the end of January 2015 in the Unity province Alasca. One of them, the »Moravian book shop« in Bethel/AK, has strictly speaking not been started, but resumed. The beginnings of the book shop go back to 2003, but now the shop is nicer than ever due to subsidies. On the opening day during the synod goods worth 500 US-Dollar has been sold. The second initiative is a church founding project in Marshall/AK. It is being undertaken by »Covenant Church« which shows a lack of people who can speak Yup'ik, the indigenes' language. Marshall/AK already has a church with two outbuildings. See see website of Alasca Moravian Church.

News from the Unity Women‘s Desk (UWD)

Fifty girls and women are studying with scholarship assistance from the »Unity Women's Desk«. Some of these are receiving assistance for the fourth year. Many of them have recently learned of their promotions to the next level of study. The Women’s Fellowship of Kernersville Moravian Church was able to secure five new treadle sewing machines to send to the women of Honduras to start a sewing business there. And the women of Bethania Moravian Church made bags for forty Layettes of Love which were filled with articles purchased with donations from Home Moravian Church. These bags were stuffed around the sewing machines for shipment to Honduras, providing protection for the sewing machines and much needed supplies for new mothers.

First Egyptian edition of Daily Watchwords has been published

The first Egyptian edition of Daily Watchwords is now available for the churches in Egypt after Owe Boersma, referent of the »Evangelical Mission Society Germany« in the Middle East and member of the Moravian Church, had proposed it. »We consider this as a spiritual contribution of German Protestantism for our brothers and sisters in Egypt«, says Owe Boersma. He presented the Daily Watchwords at the »Nile Synod« in 2013 and the wish to have their own version rose immediately. So far Egypt does not have the tradition of reading bible texts daily. Because they speak a special Arabic dialect the existing Arabic edition was of no use to them. This is why the »Nile Synod« had requested a new, easily understanable translation.

Short News

The website of the »Moravian Mission Society in Germany« now has a section in English with basic information and news – look here. + + + In the magazine »Moravian Messenger« (British Province) from March 2015, there is an article about the long and exciting history of the »Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center« (Palestine) owned by the worldwide Moravian Church. Part 1 deals with the period 1865-1900 - read here.

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